Open Compass is a non-profit corporation that focuses on exploring new, more effective paradigms in contemporary education.

Our Mission

The recent advent of online learning platforms has brought experimentation around one fundamentally simple model: content delivery, perhaps with some degree of online engagement. We think that this model lacks one of the most important components of an effective educational environment: a community of peers. Open Compass aims to correct this.

Our Projects

We did not come into existence out of a vacuum. We have run our own experimental platform that was entirely community-oriented in order to investigate the other extreme of online learning. We saw that pure content delivery and pure community self-determination have complementary strengths and weaknesses; our newest project aims to hybridize these strengths optimally.

Our Team

The members of our team come from varied backgrounds in business, academia, education, and more. The collection of the strengths of the members of our team gives Open Compass a strong perspective on all of the core facets of entering online learning with a new model - design, execution, and growth.

Our Blog